Monday, September 19, 2011

We're looking to expand the Lodi Lake Park Nature Area trails

Tens of thousands of visitors come through the Lodi Lake Nature Area each year and use its trails for exercise, recreation, viewing wildlife and sometimes just to find some peace.

The existing trail system "officially" ends at Pigs Lake, which offers several options to return back to the Nature Area's entrance. The City is contemplating an expansion of the trail system to circle most of the way around Pigs Lake, offering visitors two vista points from which to view the Mokelumne River and Pigs Lake.

Spur trails to the north and south of Pigs Lake aren't part of the official trail system, but we're looking to improve those with elevated pathways that are wheelchair accessible that terminate at platforms with river overlooks.

Be sure to view the concept illustration below.


  1. I like it. But can't we make the horseshoe into a full circle? There should be no dead ends. It would be such a better trail if you didn't have to stop and turn around.

  2. You're absolutely correct that a full circle would be better, and that is our long-term goal. We tried getting grant funds to widen the bank adjacent to Pigs Lake, but were told by the agency handling the grant program that our solution didn't meet their criteria. The bank is simply too narrow for access at this point. We will continue trying to identify funding for a study that will tell us the best solution to this problem. Thank you for your comments!

  3. I've been involved with things like this before. One solution may be makeing the trails go for as long as possible and then connecting them via a bridge/platform of some sort. A simple 6 or so feet wide wooden plank bridge would be inexpensive and also add a bit of elegance. Possibly make it on the river's side of the embankment and turn it into some sort of fisherman's bridge. -Richard

  4. Something to consider, perhaps as part of a long term solution is the innovation shown by the City of Ripon when they purchased a unusable foot bridge out of trade magazine to cross the Stanislaus river and connect two bike paths...
    this kind of out-of-the-box approach shows what can be done in addition to the grant funding.
    What i mean is looking for ways to augment the funding you get.